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Burning QB Jordan Wynn's Redshirt May Have Saved Utah's Season

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Bring on the critics and pile on,  yes I was wrong when in a previous post where I felt the Utes should not burn Jordan Wynn's redshirt for some spot duty.  As of tonight's second half performance against Wyoming, and Wynn looks to have taken over the starting quarterback job over Terrance Cain.



Wynn entered the game in the second half and started off his collegiate career by completing his first four passes, and ended up going 9 for 14, 82 yards and a score.  Now compare that to Terrance Cain in the first half: 10 for 13 and 121 yards; however the offense was stagnant under Cain.  He was moving the offense but not being able to produce points.

It seemed that the moment Jordan Wynn entered the game he had the poise of a veteran and ran the offense to near perfection with his precision passing.  There were a few freshman mistakes like the pass that was thrown in the end zone but the receiver was triple covered. 

I am not going to say that if Wynn had played the Oregon game Utah would have won, and it is not as if Terrance Cain had been bad the Utes were 6-1 coming into this game behind Cain.

Wynn talked about his roll on the team and willingness to help the team:

"Obviously, this is a little late in the season. But I had told the coaches that whenever they wanted to play me, I was ready to play,"

Wynn played great, and if he is named the starter against New Mexico he should play great as well, since the Lobos are terrible.  However, the following week would be at TCU who have a big time defense, and at least Cain has started in a hostile environment in Oregon and is one under thrown pass to winning that game.  At the moment that seems to be my only concern with Wynn keeping the job, but Coch Whittingham is a great coach and his track record suggets he will do what is best for his team.