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According to Bronco Mendenhall the Conference Title Goes through BYU

Bronco open mouth and insert foot. This is the second questionable comment regarding BYU football this week, the first was when he called fans uneducated. This latest remark comes from his weekly coaches show on KSL Radio, where he said:

"TCU knows, as many do, that the conference championship will go through BYU."

Quite the interesting comment there Bronco.

First off Utah is the defending conference title, and the Cougars finished third behind TCU. Now if BYU had won the Mountain West last year-- which would have been their third straight-- then this comment makes sense. Wonder if Bronco is using the stat that the last ten BYU senior quarterbacks have won the conference title and just assumes. His statement stems from TCU putting BYU helmets and jerseys in the weight room as motivation.

This is certainly going to fire up TCU when they play in three weeks, and also Utah at the end of the year. Yes, BYU has that win over Oklahoma, but they also have that terrible loss at home to Florida State. Coach needs to be reminded that last year and this year --minus the Oklahoma game-- that Max Hall has struggled to hold onto the ball and this year leads the nation with ten picks.

This is bulletin board material at its finest, now just watch the Cougs lay an egg at tomorrows matchup at UNLV.