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Independence Bowl Inks Deal Between Mountain West and ACC in 2010

The Mountain West and the ACC are partnering for the Independence Bowl starting in 2010 this is a post Christmas game and could quite possibly feature a ranked Mountain West team. The Mountain West would be sending their third pick, while the ACC selection is not mentioned, but would be the fourth of fifth team.

This would give the MWC five bowl games in 2010 and the details do not say if this is a one year deal similar to the Humanitarian Bowl or if it will be from 2010-2013.  This most likely means the Humanitarian Bowl is out of the running for a future deal with the MWC, because I doubt the league would be able to fill six bowl slots.  Personally, the Humanitarian Bowl would be the one to keep because that features the WAC champ which is usually a highly ranked Boise State squad, and then dump the New Mexico Bowl.

The location is not ideal unless TCU is the third pick, but on the plus side the Independence Bowl pays out $1.1 million which is 100 thousand more then the Las Vegas Bowl which gets first pick; those figures are according to 2009.

This is a good bowl because it pits the MWC against a BCS league with the ACC opponent and as long as it is above the number six position it is a good move by league Commissioner Craig Thompson.