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Mountain West Open Thread: Crazy things can happen on Halloween

The game of the day that has the chance to be the most competive is the Air Force game at Colorado State.  The Rams are trying to get a win and are currently on a five game losing streak. 

UNLV and TCU could be interesting IF the UNLV offense decides to show up.  Wyoming and Utah who knows what the Cowboys will bring as they are a Jekyl and Hyde team.

Also, feel free to comment on other games that may effect the MWC's chance for a BCS run.  

Air Force @ Colorado State 2PM MST  The Mtn.


New Mexico @ San Diego State 5:30PM MST Images_medium HD

Wyoming @ Utah 6PM MST The Mtn.

Let's hear what you think. Register for a free account here on the site and leave your comments, predictions and other game day chatter below in the comments section.