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Mountain West and their Road to the BCS

Time to feature games of interest that will affect the possibility of the Mountain West getting into the BCS this year.  These games will not include all the teams ahead of any MWC team, but will be games that the higher ranked team may lose and thus drop in the rankings  All rankings listed are from the BCS.


As always absolute chaos is my goal in an effort to promote change.

Not a ton of games going on that effect the MWC and their chance for a BCS berth

No. 1 Florida v. Georgia (CBS, 3:30pm)

Only reason this game is here is because too many people have said Georgia can win out right.  So here it is, Florida should win, and my question is if the 2008 Florida offense will ever show up this year.

MWC rooting interest: Does not matter because two SEC teams will go to BCS and right now it seems it will be Florida, Alabama, or LSU.  Now, if TCU wants an attempt to get to number two then I would say Georgia.

No. 5 USC @ No. 10 Oregon (ABC/ESPN2, 8pm)

Oregon has been playing great since the LaGarrate Blune 'Punch Bowl' that line needs to be given credit to the Solid Verbal podcast.  Oregon has the defense to stop USCs offense, and a win by Oregon will put them in a drivers seat for their first BCS bowl since 2001.

MWC rooting interest: Forced to say USC, because a loss by Oregon will most likely knock them out of BCS contention (for now)  until they play Arizona who is in the BCS top 25.

Wyoming @ No. 16 Utah (MTN, 8pm)

Utes should roll in their blackout game and a conviencing win should move them up the BCS standings to get them in the coveted top 14 at-large selection pool.

MWC rooting interest: Utah, by a mile

UNLV @ No. 6 TCU (Versus, 4pm)

TCU can not have a let down against UNLV, and needs to run away to keep ahead of Boise.

MWC rooting interest: Again do I need to put an answer, ok  it's TCU.

Southern Mississippi @ No. 18 Houston (CSS, 1pm)

Cougars are very good at home and this game could be closer then expected.  Southern Miss has fallen off a little, but will still pose a small threat to Houston.

MWC rooting interest: Houston, for the same reason as Utah keep winning to move into the top 14 where they for one kick out a BCS member school and possibly force a second non-BCS school in a bowl game.

San Jose State @ No. 7 Boise State (ESPN360, 3pm)

San Jose State has a high strength of schedule, so Boise could benefit for beating a team that the computers give respect to.  The Broncos need a repeat performance like last week to try to over take TCU.

MWC rooting interest: Boise State, but not too much where they will over take TCU.  Just beat SJSU good enough to stay ahead of the other BCS schools.