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TCU Pulls Away Over SMU for the Iron Skillet

This game was close for a half with TCU winning only 12-7 at the half, however after being down by a touchdown early TCU ran off 25 straight points and outscored SMU 39-7 after that early score.  The rain did play a factor in the game which lead TCU to run the ball more and ended up with 229 on the year with the bulk going to Ed Wesley, Joseph Turner, and Matthew Tucker.  However, as usual it was the Horned Frog defense which lead the way for the Horned Frogs to win this game.

The SMU offense had been seventh in the country in the passing game with 326 per game, but the TCU defense limited SMU QB Bo Levi MItchell to a modest 240 yards with two scores and two picks.  The problem with SMU is that their running game is poor and finished the day with minus sixteen yards, which includes sacks but the running back Shawnbrey McNeal had only 26 yards.

TCU was able to bring the pressure to attack the quarterback and play to the passing game.  The scoring barrage by TCU did not help SMU's cause to attempt to be a balanced team.  With all the passing going on for SMU that lead for quick drives and furthermore lead to a 10 minute time of possession advantage for TCU.  SMU was terrible on third downs and were limited to only three of fifteen conversions.

The drives for SMU were short even with their scoring drives.  Their longest drive was with the two scoring drives and were only seven plays.  Also, SMU had ten drives that were 12 yards or less with nine being under ten yards, and with six being zero or negative yards.

SMU was just unable to move the ball against TCU in this game, and those drives were the difference in the game and greatly aided TCU to victory.

In other news relating to TCU and their ranking, number five Boise State had a less then impressive win over UC Davis, number 12 Houston lost to UTEP, and so did number eight Oklahoma who lost to Miami.  The Houston loss helps TCU for their BCS chances as does the Boise close win.  The Oklahoma loss just helps move TCU up in the polls.