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New Mexico Awaits Beat Down from Texas Tech

New Mexico is currently 0-4 and is in a mess with the head coach fighting others.  This game will look like one of the Texas Tech 70-14 victories against bad teams.  Texas Tech is a top 25 scoring offense while New Mexico is 119th in the country; with New Mexico only four offensive touchdowns in four games.

New Mexico's transformation to a spread offense has been terrible, the team can not score, move the ball and turn over the ball way too many times.  The defense is also a problem for New Mexico which is 107th in the nation and going against the pirate Mke Leach.

Texas Tech could easily pass for over 500 yards in this game and score well above 50 points and demoralize New Mexico.  If New Mexico is able to have some type of rushing attack they might be able to prevent this game from being a blowout.  The rushing attack is lead by Demond Dennis but he is only averaging 50 yards per game.

QB Taylor Potts for Texas Tech is throwing for over 400 yards and four scores a game and there is no reason that will not be easiy matched in this game.

There is not much to say except that New Mexico will need to control the ball and try to create a running game and keep the ball away from Tech.  That is how they will stop the game from being a blowout.