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Metroplex Rivalry Game as TCU and SMU Hook Up

 This is a rivalry in proximity, but TCU is by far the better team.  TCU does not want to repeat their 2005 performance where TCU lost after they beat Oklahoma and lost out of a BCS bowl game.  This TCU team is much more balanced this year and while they still rely heavily on their defense, the offense does have playmakers.

SMU is sitting a 2-1 and the Mustangs are bring along the June Jones offense after a year of learning it, and currently are 26th in the nation in yards per game with 432 yards.  This TCU defense will have its hands full against the SMU offense.

 It is no surrpise that SMU is in the top tier of the nation in passing but are 108thin rushing the ball.  The Horned Frogs have no problem stopping the run so it will be up to the secondary to try to stop the aerial attack.  Now, SMU has hardly played the stiffest competition with games against Washington State, UAB, and FCS Stephen F. Austin.

Turnovers are the key for SMU to hang in this game, to date they are actually plus one on the year.  However they have three fumbles and eight picks on the year.  Look for DE Jerry Hughes and the TCU defense to force a few turnovers early and run away with this game.

SMU QB Bo Levi Mitchell might be able to put up some yards, especially if they are trailing but he could be able to make the game close for a while.  TCU only allows 177 yards per game in the passing, however I fully expect for SMU to surpass that margin in this game.

QB Andy Dalton--or the TCU offense-- has yet to have a break out offensive game but with the way SMU turns over the ball and the way their defense is look for the entire TCU offense to have their first big offensive game of the year.

While TCU is sayingthere are not worried about the BCS --which I believe-- they do remember the 2005 loss that kept them out of a BCS since the SMU loss was their only on the year.

This game should be a blowout in TCU's favor.