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University of Utah Football Press Conference - 10/26/09

Kyle Whittingham is pleased with the poise and toughness that the Utes showed against Air Force.  Any win over Air Force is something you just have to accept.  He was happy with David Reed and Eddie Wide's big performances. He likes the big plays that Utah has been making calling Reed and Wide "big play guys."

He said that the Utes need to protect the ball better.  The Utes must coach & execute ball security more.  He said that players can use their starting jobs if this is a big problem.  Terrance Cain and Luke Matthews are two players who have struggled with fumbles thus far.

Whittingham was very pleased with the Utes defensive effort against Air Force.  Air Force only gained about three yards per carry rushing which is acceptable to Whittingham.  He noted that David Kruger and Sealver Siliga played big against Air Force.

He noted that Wyoming is a much improved team being (4-3).  He says that Dave Christensen is doing a good job, and the Utes must do a good job on their blackout game to remain in the conference title hunt.