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Week Eight Blogpoll Draft: TCU is Where?

The first big move is me putting TCU into the top three, and I was going to put them at two ahead of Florida but felt that would be too much. Around the other blog polls I am not too far off.  Burnt Orange Nation has TCU at four and BCS Guru has TCU at three. Also, searching other voters they have TCU in the top five, which could get them up from eight.

I dropped Alabama for their near win over Tennessee which required a few blocked field goals, and that dropped them three spots below TCU while putting Texas to back to one since they blewout Missouri.

Miami and BYU still stay in the polls, but not by much this week.  Ohio State gets back in after crushing Minnesota, but wondering if 17 is too high for their return.

As always leave feedback, complain, criticize, or praise my voting in the comments. The full ballot is below.

Rank Team Delta
1 Texas 1
2 Florida 1
3 TCU 1
4 Alabama 3
5 Boise State 2
6 Cincinnati 1
7 Southern Cal 1
8 Oregon 3
9 Georgia Tech
10 LSU
11 Iowa 1
12 Houston 2
13 Oklahoma State 3
14 Virginia Tech 4
15 Penn State 2
16 Utah 1
17 Ohio State
18 West Virginia 1
19 Central Michigan 2
20 Pittsburgh 3
21 Miami (Florida) 13
22 South Carolina
23 Mississippi 1
24 Arizona
25 Brigham Young 12
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Texas Tech (#20), Idaho (#25).