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TCU Rocks BYU for Second Straight Year


Placing last year's recap and just changing the turnovers that BYU allowed last year, and replace it with bad defense, and the outcome is the same.  The TCU defense was again way too much for BYU to handle, Max Hall was sacked four times with one at the end causing a Max Hall fumble which lead to the final touchdown in a blowout.  This year was to be different for BYU who had learned from last years game, and the staff was going to have more then just one game plan that had QB Max Hall sitting in the pocket and throwing deep. 

Max Hall had his worst statistical game as a quarterback since the 2005 Easter Washington win where he only played part of the game.  In this game Hall was 18/28 with 162 yards, a pick, and a touchdown.   That is well below his average of 295 yards per game. 

The story of the game was the supposedly poor TCU offense did whatever they wanted against the BYU defense which replicated their Florida State performanceJeremy Kerley who hurt BYU last year with the 'wild frog' (by the way I hate the wild 'whatever' term) burned BYU again by being the all-purpose player.  He ammassed 134 total yards, with the biggest being a 44 yard passing game, but every time Kerley touched the ball he was a threat to make a big play.

TCU QB Andy Dalton was able to shred the suspect BYU secondary by thossing for a modest 241 yards and three touchdowns, by averaging ten yards per attempt.  He was able to move TCU down the field with big plays and make quick work of BYU's defense.  He lead the Horned Frogs on two drives that were less then two minutes that lead to two touchdowns.

The first quarter was the death of BYU who was down 14-0 at the end of the first, but to make things worse BYU had a chance to get some points with a field goal at the start of the second perios.  However, with that miss TCU took the chance to end the game in the second period by waltzing down the field to go ahead 21-0.  BYU did get on the board with a touchdown in the second quarter to make it 21-7. To start the third BYU received the ball and would have given BYU a chance to make this a game, but the only interception in the game lead to a TCU field goal.

The TCU defense showed again that they were dominant, as usual.  Their rush defense which had been amazing was actually their week point tonigh and allowed BYU back Harvey Unga to gain 123 yards.  However, they were able to clamp down on the BYU pass game, by pressuring Max Hall.  The BYU staff said all week they would move the pocket to try to counter the speed of TCU's defense, but yet again the coaching staff did not make adjustments and stayed their course of being predictable and unchanging.

This win by TCU will definetly move them up the BCS standings to possibly sixth in the standings and move ahead of Cincy and Iowa while getting closer to the eventual pass of Boise State -- as long as they both keep winning.