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BYU Travels to San Diego State for a Vacation... I mean a Football Game

This is a game that has the chance to provide as a warm up for the big TCU matchup next week.  BYU may rest some players such as RB Manase Tonga and DB Scott Johnson to prevent more serious injury.  There is a little talk of this being a trap game, but the Aztecs are so far down in terms of talent and depth that this should not near that category.  Now, if BYU was playing Air Force or Colorado State before TCU then there is a point.

This game should provide another example of how good BYU is and more importantly the voters and computers in the polls.  A blowout is neccassary to impress and the 17 point spread needs to be obliverated and the margin of victory needs to be in the mid 20's or more.

San Diego State who for the past 15 years have been at the bottom of the WAC or MWC, but it looks that new head coach Brady Hoke is making slight improvements.  Those improvements are not really being seen this year because Hoke brought in a more pro style offense which is a complete 180 from the spread offense that former coach Chuck Long was using during his tenure.  The problems with that start up front on the line where in the spread offense the line is more of a pass blocking line which needs the lineman to be more agile and a little smaller.  Now, compare that with the pro style offense that puts the quarterback under center and requires the line to be a run blocking line.

The new offense is also why QB Ryan LIndley is struggling with nine picks on the year.  His struggles come from him being in the shotgun since high school and his first two years in the Aztec program.  Real results from the team may not come till late in this year and next year.  Getting the athletes is one thing, but also reteaching a style of play for the offense is another which takes a while.

The offense can still put up passing yards between QB Ryan Lindley and WR Vincent Brown who is one of the MWC's leading receivers.  Now, the running game which has struggled --and explained why above-- needs to at least get some traction agaisnt BYU who has been suspectable against the run.

Now, in saying the positives of SDSU the odds of them winning are way down on the list.  QB Max Hall should have a big game and if he comes away with zero interceptions again then the game is a success, and it shows he is progressing away from forcing passes that have lead to his ten interceptions on the year.

With an outside shot of a BCS win, because they do have the chance to take out top 10 TCU, the Cougars need to win this game in outstanding fashion similar to their win over UNLV last week.  Also, the higher the ranking is better because right now the BCS is in year two of the four year cycle and all BCS points and rankings are important.

This game should be a blowout in BYU's favor and expcect to see backups in the game most notably backup QB Reily Nelson who is the potential starter next year, so fans may want to see what he can do.