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Utah Equals Ricky Gervais while Boise State Equals Steve Carell

For those under a rock The Office is a great show created and starred Ricky Gervais on BBC in the UK while NBC picked it up and it has blown up with Steve Carell. Utah was the original BCS buster back in 2004, but their opponent Pitt was an eight win team that tied for the Big East that year while hanging on the top 25 that year. Then as we all know Utah upset Alabama last year.

Even with Utah's success as the original great non-BCS team and is the only team from any league to have two undefeated seasons during the BCS era. Now, Boise has been to one BCS game where they beat up on Oklahoma, but ever since they have been the media darling.

This video below is a great comparison and relates to the love for Utah and Boise State. The best line is "I made you" the video is at the Emmy's where Ricky Gervais wants his Emmy back from Steve Carell