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BYU Crushes UNLV 59-21

Final - 10.10.2009 1 2 3 4 Total
BYU Cougars 10 14 21 14 59
UNLV Rebels 0 7 7 7 21

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So much for UNLV being that surprise team, and head coach Mike Sanford can not be looking for his next offensive coordinator job by seasons end.  I love the the headline from The Mtn: 'BYU defeats UNLV in a Shootout' actually requires the game to be close with a log of points.  A 38 point victory is not considered a shoot out.

BYU was able to run with Harvey Unga and pass all over the Rebel defense with QB Max Hall.  The biggest thing to come from this game was that Max Hall did not throw a pick for the first time in nine games. This loss was an embarasement for UNLV and leaves coach Mike Sanford's job in question.

The quarterback play coming into the game for UNLV was a question if starter Omar Clayton would play.  Clayton and backup Mark Clausen both played quarterback, but that did not really matter; even though the two comined for 292 yards, two scores, but then also three picks.

UNLV really missing a running game which is what helped them last year reach five games.  This game proved again that the Rebles have no running game with only 45 last night and were lead by backup QB Mike Clausen with a paltry 17 yards.  Besides UNLV not having a running game is that BYU was able to stop it is the thing that was the fatal flaw for BYU against Florida State.

This game had BYU actually use RB Harvey Unga who had an amazing night with 149 yards and three touchdwns.  While the rest of the backs help contribute to 291 yards of total rushing yards.  Max Hall looked like his self last year during the first month of the season as he was 20/27 with 320 yards, and two scores. 

Without deep threat McKay Jacobson the passing game was spread out to nine different receivers.  Leading receiver was full back Manase Tonga who had five receptions for sixty-two yards.  The real test on the passing game is when TCU comes to Provo in two weeks where McKay Jacobson is still most likely out.

For now BYU just beat the tar out of a team that was supposed to challenge them and the rest of the top of the Mountain West this season.