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The Revenue Disparity is Bigger then You Think

The Orlando Sentinel is running a series on the "Tough times: College sports and the economy." It is a very good read so far, and in their college football blog there is post today -- a must read for any college fan -- about the revenue each FBS school took in from 2008.

The total for the MWC was $276,800,202 a quarter of a billion dollars is not bad, but the top three schools alone are over $340 million. The MWC teams are listed in bold, and a few things surprised me.

First is that TCU was highest MWC and non-BCS school on the list and by a good margin. The biggest surprise was that Utah ranked 7th in revenue for the timeframe.

There is no surprise that the BCS schools make more money but the amount is staggering, just look at the bottom of the list with Louisana-Monroe who pulled in less then seven million!

This makes what any non-BCS school accomplish seem to be even greater then we thought. Just look at Utah they defeated Alabama who took in $88 million which is more then three times what Utah brought in last year who was just under $27 million.

The list is after the jump.

Rank School Total Revenue Conference
1st Texas $120,288,370 Big 12
2nd Ohio State $117,953,712 Big Ten
3rd Florida $106,030,895 Southeastern Conference
4th Michigan $99,027,105 Big Ten
5th Wisconsin $93,452,334 Big Ten
6th Penn State $91,570,233 Big Ten
7th Auburn $89,305,326 Southeastern Conference
8th Alabama $88,869,810 Southeastern Conference
9th Tennessee $88,719,798 Southeastern Conference
10th Oklahoma State $88,554,438 Big 12
11th Kansas $86,009,257 Big 12
12th Louisiana State $84,183,362 Southeastern Conference
13th Georgia $84,020,180 Southeastern Conference
14th Notre Dame $83,352,439 Independent
15th Iowa $81,148,310 Big Ten
16th Michigan State $77,738,746 Big Ten
17th Oklahoma $77,098,009 Big 12
18th Stanford $76,661,466 Pac-10
19th University of Southern California $76,409,919 Pac-10
20th Nebraska $75,492,884 Big 12
21st Texas A&M $74,781,640 Big 12
22nd Kentucky $71,186,184 Southeastern Conference
23rd Duke $67,820,335 ACC
24th South Carolina $66,545,953 Southeastern Conference
25th UCLA $66,088,264 Pac-10
26th Virginia $65,400,485 ACC
27th Arkansas $64,197,470 Southeastern Conference
28th California $63,884,710 Pac-10
29th Minnesota $63,782,454 Big Ten
30th Purdue $62,093,614 Big Ten
31st North Carolina--Chapel Hill $61,263,269 ACC
32nd Boston College $61,203,340 ACC
33rd Washington $60,729,016 Pac-10
34th Clemson $59,126,212 ACC
35th Illinois $57,167,843 Big Ten
36th Oregon $56,623,902 Pac-10
37th Virginia Tech $56,029,172 ACC
38th Indiana $54,839,398 Big Ten
39th Connecticut $54,721,742 Big East
40th West Virginia $54,262,716 Big East
41st Maryland $54,171,741 ACC
42nd Arizona State $53,479,441 Pac-10
43rd Colorado $52,631,896 Big 12
44th Louisville $52,203,604 Big East
45th Rutgers $50,181,300 Big East
46th Missouri $49,113,786 Big 12
47th Kansas State $48,160,113 Big 12
48th Oregon State $47,185,827 Pac-10
49th Georgia Tech $47,126,247 ACC
50th Arizona $46,988,400 Pac-10
51st Miami (Fla.) $46,849,990 ACC
52nd Vanderbilt $45,521,855 Southeastern Conference
53rd Florida State $45,414,953 ACC
54th Syracuse $44,702,831 Big East
55th North Carolina State $44,553,795 ACC
56th Baylor $44,151,763 Big 12
57th Texas Christian University $43,439,777 Mountain West
58th Texas Tech $42,844,855 Big 12
59th Northwestern $41,835,733 Big Ten
60th Wake Forest $39,961,624 ACC
61st Pittsburgh $39,741,621 Big East
62nd Washington State $39,621,059 Pac-10
63rd Iowa State $38,642,013 Big 12
64th BYU $36,695,623 Mountain West
65th Mississippi $34,769,709 Southeastern Conference
66th USF $34,727,263 Big East
67th Cincinnati $33,886,561 Big East
68th Memphis $33,393,717 Conference USA
69th SMU $33,031,503 Conference USA
70th Hawaii $33,012,865 Western Athletic Conference
71st UNLV $32,796,515 Mountain West
72nd San Diego State $31,697,560 Mountain West
73rd Houston $30,856,264 Conference USA
74th Air Force Academy $30,604,249 Mountain West
75th Mississippi State $30,440,090 Southeastern Conference
76th East Carolina $29,268,128 Conference USA
77th New Mexico $28,806,308 Mountain West
78th UCF $28,775,770 Conference USA
79th Temple $27,478,056 Mid-American Conference
80th Utah $26,949,005 Mountain West
81st Rice $26,767,228 Conference USA
82nd Fresno State $26,273,405 Western Athletic Conference
83rd Tulsa $25,797,664 Conference USA
84th New Mexico State $25,065,502 Western Athletic Conference
85th Wyoming $23,717,482 Mountain West
86th Miami (Ohio) $23,263,940 Mid-American Conference
87th UTEP $23,182,621 Conference USA
88th Colorado State $22,093,683 Mountain West
89th Boise State $21,777,002 Western Athletic Conference
90th UAB $21,566,166 Conference USA
91st Central Michigan $21,493,640 Mid-American Conference
92nd Marshall $21,340,076 Conference USA
93rd Nevada $21,057,972 Western Athletic Conference
94th Ohio $20,448,176 Mid-American Conference
95th Florida International $20,230,655 Sun Belt Conference
96th Tulane $20,029,935 Conference USA
97th Western Kentucky $19,957,909 Independent
98th Eastern Michigan $19,341,287 Mid-American Conference
99th Northern Illinois $19,199,427 Mid-American Conference
100th Western Michigan $19,190,254 Mid-American Conference
101st Buffalo $19,080,151 Mid-American Conference
102nd Kent State $18,891,133 Mid-American Conference
103rd San Jose State $18,318,325 Western Athletic Conference
104th Toledo $18,127,253 Mid-American Conference
105th Bowling Green $18,087,524 Mid-American Conference
106th Akron $17,942,424 Mid-American Conference
107th Ball State $17,427,728 Mid-American Conference
108th Middle Tennessee State $17,254,577 Sun Belt Conference
109th North Texas $15,762,952 Sun Belt Conference
110th Florida Atlantic $14,751,549 Sun Belt Conference
111th Southern Miss $14,472,618 Conference USA
112th Utah State $13,205,337 Western Athletic Conference
113th Troy $13,134,964 Sun Belt Conference
114th Idaho $12,896,488 Western Athletic Conference
115th Louisiana Tech $12,465,865 Western Athletic Conference
116th Louisiana-Lafayette $11,134,598 Sun Belt Conference
117th Arkansas State $10,456,754 Sun Belt Conference
118th Louisiana-Monroe $7,733,035 Sun Belt Conference

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