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Stat Work: Very Early Lines

Football czar Phil Steele has posted the very early lines for big games in college football. There is one discrepency from the Golden Nugger which is where Phil Steele got the info, and it is that they list the Colorado verse Colorado State game is listed to be played in Denver. However, that game is being played in Boulder that is the home of Colorado.

Bold teams are the home teams

Colorado minus 13 -Colorado State Have to take Colorado State this game has been close the past three years this one is in Boulder so that could make a difference.

Oklahoma minus 21 BYU @ Arlington This is tough but have to go with Oklahoma since last year they were able to score 35 against TCU last year. I would go with Oklahoma to cover.

Oregon State minus 14 UNLV This an interesing because UNLV should be better from last years team, and while the Rebels are at home they still may not win. Oregon State plays poorly in the early part of the season, so in this early pick take UNLV

Utah - Oregon minus 7.5 Even though this is in Eugune 7.5 points seems like a lot, especially for a team that has a new head coach in Chip Kelly taking over. Also, Oregon had numerous transfers, but the Ute QB should be settled and go with Utah.

Florida State- BYU minus 3 BYU rarely looses at home and FSU is pretty good but not like they were in the mid-nineties, so go with BYU.

Hawai'i-UNLV minus 7 Interesting matchup and this is a high scoring game, but I would take Hawai'i to cover because UNLV has a need for defense and Ilsanders can really put up points.

UNLV-Nevada minus 7 Interesting for Nevada to be favored, but in the Wolfpacks defense they return nearly everone on offense. Take UNLV because both teams can score and it will back and forth and be close.

UNLV-BYU minus 13 Last year this game came down to the wire, and UNLV should be better, so the early pick is UNLV.

San Diego State-BYU minus 17 Easy take the Cougars

UNLV-Utah minus 10 Now this game is interesting becasue UNLV should be better, and the Utes have a new quarterback. The revenge factor will be in since the Utes last visit to Vegas was an embarassing 27-0 loss, so take the Utes to cover.

Utah-BYU minus 6 This one may seem easy to pick Utah because if you do not include last years route the three previous came down to a final play, so the early pick is Utah.

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