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Making the Rounds: Super League?

The Daily Camera: This is the off season so news is slow, and wacky at times. Wacky is where this article that The Daily Camera wrote recently. Basically it says that certain schools should break away from the NCAA and make a super league that would be outside of NCAA affiliation for football:

"The new league would consist of eight conferences of eight teams each for a total of 64 teams. There are currently 65 schools in BCS conferences plus Notre Dame. We'd keep the majority of those, but toss out a few and add some from the other leagues.

Schools we'd toss: Duke, Iowa State, Kansas State, Cincinnati, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Connecticut and Washington State. Schools we'd add: Utah, TCU, BYU, Boise State, East Carolina and Tulsa, giving us 64.

Eight conference champs and eight runners-up advance to a 16-team playoff. Four weeks -- and more hype than you can imagine -- later you have a national champion."

This would be quite interesting and just a pipe dream and good for some offseason banter.

Dick Harmon, Desert News: Apparently everyone, including myself, is tired of this BCS talk and Congressional hearings. Dick Harmon makes a good point in the Desert News about how the leagues need to prove it on the field:

"If the MWC could post a 6-4 or 7-3 mark against the BCS, it would scream a lot louder than hearings and debates between closed minds and articulate outsiders."

Must agree with Harmon that the MWC and others outside of the BCS must keep winning games against BCS opponents and BCS games.

Pikes Picks: If a playoff you want then check out Pikes Picks who is doing the ultimate college football tournament that consists of 2,048 teams over the past 32 years. This site will drown you with info and hours of time will be wasted, also the site owner will email the entire bracket as well. If you are a college football junkie this is a must read and can hold you over until opening day September 3.

Matt Hinton, Dr. Saturday: The Doc rolls out mid major week over at Yahoo! and where else to start then the ultimate mid-major team with the 1984 BYU Cougars who were the national champions.

"Maybe the '84 champs' enduring influence is far-fethced, but today, it's inconceivable that a team from an historically second-tier conference could finish No. 1 without beating a single team that finished in the final polls, on the heels of a two-week-old victory in the Holiday Bowl; in fact, Utah's 13-0 run last year, which featured four wins over ranked teams, completely dwarfs the Cougars' championship resumé, and the Utes didn't get a sniff at a title in the polls or otherwise, despite a much better position re: one-loss teams from bigger conferences and a more impressive win in a marquee bowl -- and Utah came closer to the top than any other upstart since the Cougars' triumph."

The latter half of the statement is true that BYU's schedule that year is more comparable to Hawaii's 2007 schedule then the 2008 Utes. In my opinion the only a non-BCS team will get to the title game is if they start the season ranked in the top 15, play a super tough schedule, and a little luck.

Jeff Call, Deseret News: The Desert News is running an eight part series highlighting the 25th anniversary of the BYU national title team. So far only two parts have been published, and the series runs daily through the end of the week. Each article is long, but it is a good read if want to remember those memories.
"BYU still stands as the last team to enter a season unranked and win a national championship. The Cougars are also the last team from a non-BCS conference to win a national title in football."

Desert News: BYU is up to 20 recruits for the 2o1o class and this could be their last recruit for the class. Before we dive into the math the recruit is a biggie with Hawai'i recruit Kona Schwenke who is a four star rivals recruit who by some accounts is the top rated Hawai'i prospect this year:

"Coaches are starting to whisper 4-star defensive end Kona Schwenke ... might be the best (2010 football recruit in Hawaii) of all."

Twenty could be the max because of the missionary factor for BYU, so they need to keep track of who will be on scholarship once they come back, and conversely some of the 2010 recruits may not to take on a scholarship if they go on a mission before enrolling.

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