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Making the Ronds: Yes More BCS

The Mtn: The Mountain West Sports Network and CBS College Sports has finally expanded their footprint and are expanding with Cox Cable for all of Arizona and Orange County, California. Pretty big deal to get all of Arizona and even more to be in all of Orange County. It is all baby steps for The Mtn, and CBS College Sports to keep expanding where people can see the Mountain West.

The Mtn is the key to this addition, because prior to this it is only available within the teams market on cable, and then on DirecTv within the schools area with no charge, but it is also available nation wide on the sports package.

Fans can get The Mtn. it is a little tough, but when the channel gets added to lower cable tiers is a victory; now all the league needs to do is get Dish Network on board then we can start talking

Orson Swindle, EDSBS: My arch-nemesis Nick Saban is at it again when he was at a camp with former Utah OC Andy Ludwig and saying how they should have beaten Utah by two scores:

"Former Utah OC Andy Ludwig was in attendance for Saban’s lecture. Ludwig, who is now the OC at Cal, presented Thursday morning and took a little offense to Saban’s remarks. Ludwig opened the lecture by saying "I try to keep everything simple.

You know, I sat here last night and listened to a man say how he had 30 different ways to run cover 2, and I’m just sitting there thinking to myself, ‘geez, I only have one way to run a dig route’. But you know what? That one way was more than enough to beat him." (he was talking about Saban)

Later, towards the end of his speech he said, "You know, I’m sitting in the audience and I hear ‘We should have beat Utah by two TDs’ and I almost stood up and said, ‘yeah, but you didn’t.’ It’s kind of hard to win by two tds when you’re down 21 points in the first half."

WOW!! How arrogant is Nick Saban, there is no need to rehash the beat down Utah gave to 'Bama, but come on! Saying your team should have won by two touchdowns. No more on this all there is to say is scoreboard.

BCS Hearings: Here is audio from Tuesday's BCS hearings.

Matt Hayes, The Sporting News: A very good Q&A with TCU coach Gary Patterson, and shocker the topic was on the BCS. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Q: So how can the process be fairer to non-BCS teams?

A: We need to have an automatic berth. I don't think that's asking too much, to be honest. Or even if we have a playoff between the two highest-ranked teams to see who will earn a spot (in a BCS bowl). Of the teams that played in BCS bowls last year, Utah was as good or better than any of those teams. And we came within 55 seconds of beating Utah at their place.
Greg Archuleta, Albuquerque Journal: New Mexico is starting to make their mark by starting to recruit in Florida. Two key players were in town to visit the campus they are Calvin Smith and Corey Lemonier who are both top 100 recruits according to Rivals. Coach Locksley is looking to change the way recruiting is done at the University of New Mexico:
"UNM is chasing the proverbial "blue-chip" athlete is a departure from the regime of former coach Rocky Long."
These two players are rated at four and five stars, and are considered to be in the top of their class for defensive line prospects. So, even getting a visit by the two is a great feat.
Also, Smith and Lemonier plan on playing together no matter what, before Lobo fans get excited the pair have all ready visisted Florida, Central Florida, and South Florida.

SB Nation: Block U and Team Speed Kills brings a great view from the BCS hearings today. Block U writes in regards to the hypocrisy of scheduling when comparing the non-BCS to the BCS.

Team Speed Kills talks about the economics of the BCS and recaps the BCS hearings. All three of these articles are a must read, and far more then I could write up today in recapping the BCS hearings today.

Sean Duff, The Coloradoan: The ticket allotment for the Colorado versus Colorado State game in Boulder have sold most of their ticket allotment. That is not saying much, because the total allotment is 1,200 tickets. If the game were at Denver the Rams would have thousands of more tickets to offer to the students.

Colorado moved the game because they wanted six home games, so they decided to move even though they make more money if the game were in Denver.

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