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Orrin Hatch Makes Last Stand Against the BCS

This topic does not seem to go away, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, the subcommittee's top Republican is taking one last crack at the BCS with his claims that they are violating anti-trust laws. The new BCS television contract goes into effect July 7th, so Hatch and his boys will have this week to meet with Congress again; not sure what will be different then last months meeting, well besides hopefully having more people in attendance.

Another question, is who will show up from the BCS and who will show up for Hatch, because since the BCS players are not taking these attacks too seriously so who knows who will show up.

Hatch really seems to be the only politician to really passionate about this topic, because Utah Attorney General Mark Shirtleff is no where to be found on this issue ever since he spearheaded against the BCS, right after the Utah Sugar Bowl win over Alabama. Instead he held questionable fundraising luncheons where he said it was to help raise money to fight the BCS, but in reality it will be money used for his future run at the Utah Senate in 2010.

Hatch had the same passion against the BCS in 2003, but this fight for change will accomplish nothing with the new contract with the World Wide Leader is set to be finalized on July 7th and go into effect for the 2011 BCS bowl games. This fight will rage on when another non-BCS team goes undefeated and wants at legitimate chance to play for the title.

All the honks from the 'Big Six' leagues can say all the excuses of 'play our schedule week in and week out,' they are right the teams outside the six auto qualivier leagues do not play the same schedule, and the same can be said for the the auto leagues.

That is the reason for equal access to the title game, now I am not suggested to let any undefeated team from a non-AQ league in the title game, but make a system **cough** playoff **cough** that allows teams outside of the six AQ leagues and those ranked outside of the top two a chance to get to the title game.

George Mason had a chance to make it to the Final Four, and they were a bubble team to even make the NCAA hoops tournament, what about Davidson with Steph Curry that made the Elite Eight in 2007, or to bring it back to Utah the Utes made it to the national title game in 1998.

Currently in college football there is no story like these, that were truly cinderall stories, but perhaps if Hatch and others of his kind bring enough pressure change may happen. For now the system is status quo and all the non-AQ schools can do is to keep making BCS bowl games and winning.

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