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Making the Rounds: Busy in Colorado

Justin Williams Longmont Times-Call: Now boys calm down! Colorado and Colorado State have been playing the game in Denver since 1998, sans 2004 and 2005 in Boulder.

However, Colorado has a guideline to play six home games every year, and when looking at their 2009 schedule The Buffs took advantage of a clause to move the game to Boulder.

Soon after that announcement, Colorado State countered by moving the 2010 game to the Fort Collins. The Rams did this out of principle, and to note both schools make more money when the game is played in Denver.

Rams head coach Steve Fairchild very much believes the game should be played in Denver and is quite strong in his remarks about the move:

"I think it should be played in Denver every year. I’ve said that since Day One it is silly to move this game back to Boulder. It makes no sense. Then we’ve got the contract to move it up to Fort Collins, and I don’t think that makes any sense."

David Ramsey The Gazette: Air Force wants to renew their rivalry with Colorado, and the last time the two met was in 1974. This would be a good rivalry, because of location and both schools historically have been in the upper half of college football.

However the big naysayer is, brutha' Dan Hawkins who does not want to face the triple option once a year and wants more room to schedule:

"Are we obligated to play the two in-state teams and not have flexibility in our non-conference schedule?"

Colorado all ready plays Colorado State each year and if the Academy is added then that leaves only two chances to play a patsy opponent for the Buffs.

Hawkins may be afraid what if 'we' lose to both Colorado State and Air Force, and the scheduling thing is bogus because Air Force plays Navy and Army each year.

Nice try on saying that by playing both instate FBS schools limits the scheduling options for Colorado, because Air Force all ready only has two non-conference games they can schedule a year.

Jake Schaller The Gazette: Quarterback has been an issue for Air Force, during the Spring Tim Jefferson was having academic issues, and is working on regaining his eligibility this summer.

This is the current analysis of Jefferson's situation:

" Jefferson, who started the final eight games last year as a freshman, missed most of spring practice to concentrate on academics. But he is confident he will be on track come fall."

Jefferson is taking three summer courses to get back on track, and in other quarterback news Asher Clark looks to be progressing quite nice on his injured foot.

Clark who played quarterback in high school and running back last year for the Academy is making the move again back to quarterback.

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