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Making the Rounds: More Recruiting

Brian Dohn, The Daily Breeze: Colorado State picked up a transfer from UCLA in running back Raymond Carter, this past week. This is a big pick up for the Rams, just too bad it is not this year with the Rams losing their top two backs.

Out of high school Carter was a four star recruit by Rivals, and has three years left of eligibility once he sits out the 2009 season. The reason for the transfer is because Carter suffered a season ending knee surgery in 2007, and then was buried on the depth chart. A fresh start could be good for Carter.

Jay Drew, Salt Lake Tribune: BYU is losing another defensive player and this time it isi Bernard Afutiti who is academically ineligible. Afutiti will still stay in school to work on his grades.

This is bad news because Russell Tialavea and Ian Dulan announced they are going on church missions. With these players leaving, there is a chance that Jan Jorgenson might play some nose tackle which will hurt his production, and the Cougar defense overall.

Salt Lake Tribune, Recruiting Blog: Utah picked up a recruit this past weekend in Brian Blechen who is at 6" 3' and 205, and has good speed at 4.6. He would be recruited higher but had a hand injury during part of the 2008 season.

That is just the type of recruiting Utah does, they find players flying under the radar and a hand injury would scare some teams off. Blechen has yet to be recruited by Rivals or Scout, but looks to be around a two to three star range. Early rankings have been established for the 2010 recruiting class, and BYU comes in at an astonishing twelth in the country. That puts them ahead of recruiting powers as Notre Dame, USC, and Tennessee.

This all because of Jake Heaps, who is rated as the top QB prospect by Scout, and he brought in a slew of other four star recruits. This is quite rare because the next highest is TCU who comes in at 50th and then Utah at 55th.

Odds are BYU will not finish at 12, but with the class half full for 2010, it is realistically possible for BYU to have perhaps a top 30 class. Nothing is official with these commits are verbal, and other schools will still try to steal these guys away.

This is a great start for BYU in their goal to reach a BCS bowl game within the next few years.

Versus: Cool new show on Versus called FANARCHY basically it gives fans the chance to upload their own videos and rant about whatever in sports. A timely topic that goes along with this site could be Utah's Senator Orrin Hatch trying to have Congress intervene with by saying the BCS is breaking anti-trust laws.

These videos will be shown on the television show, and online at Versus. The show is every Tuesday at 10:30 eastern, and this is just anothe rway for fans to get interactive with their favorite sports.

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