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Pac-10 Commissioner Tom Hansen Does Not Know the Facts

Pac-10 Commissioner, or also known as cranky old man, and hard core traditionalist had some parting shots in an interview with the LA Times in a question and answer session.

The question of interest to the Mountain West was this one:

"Q: The Pac-10 has been the Pac-10 since 1978. What about expansion?

A: You expand a conference to extend your television imprint in football, to get greater football TV rights, and there just aren't any members close by that would do that for us. There are not enough TV homes in Utah and any institution within our footprint would only be a negative because you'd be dividing up the same money more ways."

I have to disagree with this ex-commissioner that there not being enough television homes in the state of Utah. Looking at the top media markets for college football will have to politely disagree with that statement.

Some research would have been nice, so that you do not come of sounding like an uneducated man. Most, will just agree with that statement and think Utah is a sparsely populated state.

However this chart below, ranks each school from the Pac-10 and BYU and Utah by nelson rankings:

School City Media Market Rank
USC Los Angeles #2
UCLA Los Angeles #2
Cal Northern California #6
Stanford Northern California #6
Arizona State Phoenix #12
Washington Seattle #14
BYU Salt Lake City #35
Utah Salt Lake/Provo #35
Arizona Tucson #68
Washington State Spokane #77
Oregon Eugune #120
Oregon State Corvalis #120

While Utah or BYU would not be near the top, but as anyone can see these would be at seventh. Tom Hansen was inaccurate saying that Utah does not have enough television sets. Also, something to consider is that BYU is affiliated with the Mormon church gets a bump nationally, because a lot of those who follow that faith.

Now it is not a Notre Dame like bump in eyeballs, but that is the most comparable because of the Irish's popularity and religious affiliation of the Catholic church. If, or when, the Pac-10 decides to add two teams outside of adding Colorado which would get the Denver market; Salt Lake would be the next best option.

Yes, San Diego is the #27th television market, but San Diego State is putrid in football and is not a pretty television product. If the Pac-10 had their ideal choice --besides trying to get Texas which it tried to back in 1998-- Colorado and Utah would make the most sense.

To get back on point outgoing Pac-10 Commissioner Tom Hansen is flat out wrong by saying that Utah would not have the television footprint to increase the Pac-10 exposure. Just hope that the new incoming commissioner Larry Scott is a bit more up on the facts.

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