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So You Have How Many Wins?

Found this nugget will reading over at the good Doctor's blog about Tim Brewster, head coach of Minnesota, boasting that he has a career coaching record of 113-61-1.

While that might be the case, but Brewster in his head coaching experience is 8-17.

This is only of real interest here since Air Force travels to Minnesota in week two.

With Brewster's creative resume tracking here are some others who should consider doing this to boos their profile:

Smush Parker (13) and Kobe Bryant (81) combined for 94 points in an NBA game.

Ozzie Canseco (0) and Jose Canseco (462) combined for 462 career home runs

Adam Sandler (0) and Jack Nicholson (12) together have been nominated for 12 Academy Awards.

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