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Making the Rounds: Idle Hands Can be Dangerous

Daily Lobo: The Lobos do not want to be left out of the spotlight, so they followed the Florida Gators rap record. Two Lobo players Byron Bell and Quintell Solomon were arrested for larceny and shoplifting.

These two arrests put the arrest numbers to four in the past five months, that number of four equals the amount of wins from the 2008 season.

Just to make sure this is a real team affair new coach Mike Locksley has been accused of discrimination and harassment to an administrative assistant.

This could be record time for a coach being accuses of such allegations.

Jay Drew, Salt Lake Tribune: The offseason is slow so rumors are a-flyin' around BYU, about the possible replacement for Bronco Mendenhall. The suspected target is current quarterbacks coach Brandon Doman that is right not a coordinator but a QB coach.

Doman was a successful player at BYU and played three seasons in the NFL, but has only five years of coaching experience. Most likely Doman will need to leave BYU to gain offensive coordinator experience, and to see how other programs work.

This article seems more of 'hey what can I write about in the offseason because I am bored, and I know this will not happen for years.

Matt Hinton, Dr. Saturday: The college presidents are meeting in Colorado Springs and the Mountain West is to have its proposed BCS plan considered.

Well by considered they really mean 'yes we read your proposal, but we do not want to share money, so go away.

The Denver Post had this to say about the meetings:

"A radical proposal from Mountain West Conference commissioner Craig Thompson will be further examined Tuesday.

If any aspects of the proposal are accepted, the commissioners will recommend them to the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee, which has a conference call June 24."

We all knew this would happen, the MWC getting a nice little pat on the head for a job well done for the past season.

Plus we all know that the ACC and Big East representatives will be starring at the ceiling and just waiting for this topic to pass in the meetings.

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