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Stat Work: Preview Magazine Season

Lets see if this section takes off, I am implementing a Stat Work series during the summer. It will highlight different stats which will attempt to predict who will win the league.

Things to include will be percentage of returning starters, letterman, total yards, and things along those lings, so stay tuned and enjoy the first one today.

They are all out Phil Steele, The Sporting News, Lindy's, and Athlon with their top everything preview from best unit, bowl teams, and anything one would want to know.

During the offseason there is little news, but I went ahead and made up a chart by organizing how each mag predicted the Mountain West.

Rank Team Total Points Phil Steele Lindy’s Athlon TSN
1 Utah 7 3 2 1 1
2 TCU 8 2 1 2 2
3 BYU 9 1 3 3 3
4 Air Force 16½ 4 4 4
5 UNLV 21½ 5 6 6
6 Colorado State 23½ 7 5 5
7 San Diego State 28½ 6 8 8
8 New Mexico 32 9 9 7 7
9 Wyoming 34 8 8 9 9

It is pretty obvious what the consensus top four will be, and that any of the top three could win the league, a slight edge in my opinion is BYU since they have both Utah and TCU at LaVell Edwards Stadium.

Phil Steele has historically been the most accurate, which is why BYU is number one, as everyone else has BYU at three. The Cougars do lose four starters off the offensive line, but the new starters all have had playing experience within the back up role and some are returning from a two year mission. So, that is where the number one spot from Phil Steele comes from, or at least that is what I think.

Interesting to note that the but three teams are the ones with a new head coach, but New Mexico in my opinion has the chance to be the best of those and be an outside bowl participate. Former coach Rocky Long did not leave the cupboard bare.

The middle tier with Air Force, Colorado State, and UNLV could be interesting. Air Force is having issues at quarterback, as is Colorado State plus the Rams replace Gatrell Johnson and Kyle Bell at running back.

UNLV looks to be the most stable with Omar Clayton coming on strong after his injury, plus if there are any issues back up Mike Clausen played well with his chance to start.

The top three will be interesting and more on that will come later, but my very early pick is BYU, because of who they get at home.

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