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Making the Rounds: Not Much Going On

Graham Watson, Interesting piece on TCU's recruiting process. TCU has the benefits of being in Texas where there are a TON of division one athletes, and while they do not get the five star recruits they do get good players.

Patterson looks for speed when recruiting, and typically moves them to positions where it benefits the player and the team. Coach Patterson has this to say about recruiting at TCU:

"You have be careful because your whole recruiting class can't be projections," But I think that's how you go out and find your difference-makers. That's what they pay us as coaches to do. They pay us to be able to coach guys. I have a lot of really good evaluators on my staff." It could be just the offseason for the topic, or the new Pac-10 commissioner will want to shake things up and expand to twelve teams. The Pac-10 could move into the Utah market by adding Utah to help increase the level of play in the league, and getting to twelve teams will give teh league the exposure with a title game.

Good point is made in this article about how Utah could compete in the Pac-10:

The Pac-Ten needs more talent at the top to really balance out the struggles of Washington State, Stanford and the Arizona schools. Frankly, right now, there just isn't enough outside of USC to really elevate the conference.

Utah could jump in right away and compete for at worst fourth in the Pac-10, but realistically in five years Utah could possible be in contention for the conference title. The additional money from the BCS money and tv deals, plus recruiting would take a huge jump.

Challenging USC for the title would take a while, but Utah would be better then half the league immediately and within a few years could be on the level of Oregon.

John & Hans, 1280 The Zone: Now this is a must listen for some off-season laughter. It is a challenge between BYU agaisnt Washington about who is the better quarterback school. It pits host Hans Olsen from 1280 the Zone against Dave Mahler from KJR in Seattle. Very good.

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