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Really Lyndy's?

All the preseason magazines are out by now and this is not a post to compare who is ranked where, but more of an error I found in the Lindys preseason issue. Of course it regards to the Mountain West, and the error is that way back in July the league announced that in 2009 they would be in the Humanitarian Bowl.

My math may not be strong but that was nearly a year ago, and these mags are finished in mid May, and the other thing I noticed is that on the all-conference teams includes Air Force running back Asher Clark who is listed on the second team.

The problem with that is that Asher Clark is converting to Quarterback after playing his freshman year at running back.

This last point is not an error, but it might as well be which is that Lindy's has San Diego State predicted to finish 6th!

This is a team that has NEVER been to a bowl game in the existance of the Mountain West, and last year went 2-10, oh and they have a whole new staff.

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