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Making the Rounds: Yes More Jake Heaps

OK this is hopefully the last of the Jake Heaps material, well except for the comparission of Jake Heaps and Riley Nelson.

Monson & Graham 1280 the Zone:

Interview with Jake Heaps who spent nearly 30 minutes with the afternoon drive program.

Ross Siler, Salt Lake Tribune:

Another Heaps announcement was that he said he will be graduating early to join BYU in spring football, and will try to compete for the starting job as a true freshman. In regards to Heaps choosing BYU he had this to say:

"They should go to a school where they feel that's the best program for them, and unfortunately I think the BCS kind of takes that away."

Have to agree with that, because some players who have an offer to a top notch BCS school, but will be a career back up and a just in case. While that same player could go to a non-BCS and get playing time early on and start sooner than later.

Casper Star-Tribune: Wyoming is in serious budget cuts in the neighborhood of $600,000 over the next two fiscal years. Wyoming is in a unique situation because they are in a smaller league and the school is not a big revenue maker. There has been no word on if the Cowboys will stop printing media guides like other schools who want to save some cash.

Dennis Dodd, Predictions in June always help pass the slow summer months of college football no mans land. Dodd of CBS has Utah repeating as MWC champs and says this about the Utes:

"Give Whittingham credit. He didn't mope around after getting shafted. He didn't skip town for a bright, shiny new job. He stuck to the task. Losing quarterback Brian Johnson, kicker/punter Louie Sakoda and defensive end Paul Kruger won't be hard with 24 redshirt freshmen returning, not including three players back from missions. Remember the name Corbin Louks at quarterback."

The reset of the rankings are BYU, TCU, Air Force, UNLV, New Mexico, Colorado State, Wyoming, and San Diego State.

Nate Carlisle Salt Lake Tribune: The police blotter picked up news about Utah's linebacker Mo Neal who was in jail Sunday night after a bar fight. The article talks about the facts from that night:

"He punched a man in the face, dropping him to the ground unconscious outside a sports bar near, then Neal and others then began fighting with a second man, documents claim.

When the second man fell to the ground, Neal continued kicking him in the torso and head, a police officer claims in the documents. Neal ran from police but was quickly stopped and apprehended by pursuing officers."

Not a good move to kick a man who is unconscious and on the ground, also there is no word on what his suspension will be. The suspension should be a hefty one with the extreme being kicked off the team, and the school.

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