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Making the Rounds: Budget Cuts

My San Antonio News: TCU coach Gary Patterson sits down with a Q & A about the BCS and conference mate Utah's Sugar Bowl run.

Graham Watson, ESPN.Com: BYU and Colorado State opening weekend games have been finalized with television and times.

Ron Kantowski, Las Vegas Sun: Ron has some good ideas on how UNLV could trim their budget. Part humorous and part serious. My favorite on the list by Ron:

Stop playing Sacramento State in football and South Carolina Upstate in basketball. People do not want to buy tickets to watch these games. Try scheduling South Carolina Downstate (the one in Columbia) instead.

Kelly Lyell, The Coloradoan: The Rams are also in cost cutting mode and needs to cut $160,000 across the board to meet their budget. Some of the typical moves are scheduling closer games for non-revenue sports, and basketball so the team can bus to those games. Also, football will look to limit the number of times they play an FCS team, because to brings those teams in for a sure win costs a lot of money.

Dick Harmon, Deseret Morning News: Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham faced off in golf against BYU's head coach Bronco Mendenhall in a charity golf event. Wittingham and his team won, but the fun part is that the loser has to sing the opposing schools fight song.

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