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Spring Recap: Wyoming Cowboys

Wyoming has a brand new coaching staff who takes over for the lazy relaxed and loved coach Joe Glenn, the new staff is former Missouri offensive coordinator Dave Christensen. Glenn wanted to do impress donors and fans and had a very laid back style, and that is now changing with the new staff.

The big news with Wyoming was the injuries, because in the spring game Wyoming had only 53 players who were able to suit up and play in the spring game and had to use alumni in the game to fill out the rosters.

Quarterback is a concern, because in 2008 three quarterbacks were used with Dax Crum, Karsteen Sweed, and Chris Stutzriem. The list was narrowed to two when Stutzriem transferred to Indiana State during the fall.

Currently the starter out of camp is Sween, however two recruits that Christensen brought in could unseat Sween. The two prospects are in coming freshman Austyn Carta-Samuels and junior college transfer Robert Benjamin. Both were highly regarded from their schools, but the early season nod will go to Sween since he has a leg up from learning the system in the spring.

Offensively the team is learning a spread no-huddle system that propelled Missouri to prominence the past few years, and the way Christensen was able to recruit the success could be sooner then later. Junior running back Darius Terry is taking over for the recently departed backs - Wynel Seldon and Devin Moore - and will be incorporated in the short passing game as well as the running game.

The defense is staying untouched, because that was the good part of the Wyoming defense. Wyoming still has a lot of work to do and this spring with hard practices and toughness the Cowboys will soon be back to being competitive in the Mountain West.

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