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Making the Round: Pulling the Wool Over Your Eyes

Fanblogs: Is Utah's Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff just using his anti-BCS bill to gain a higher office? Possible, and this statement from the Desert News:

In his third term as Utah's top prosecutor, Shurtleff is considering a run for Sen. Bob Bennett's seat in 2010 or for Utah governor in 2012. He said he expects to announce his plan the first week of May.

Shurtleff also had a fundraiser at $300 a plate with Utah's head coach Kyle Whittingham to speak about the BCS.

He also has said he hopes other states get involved, so that the Utah taxpayers are not stuck with the bill. So, what the AG is saying is that he wants help from other states, however that fundraiser for the BCS will just go into his political fund for his chance to move up the political chain.

Shurtleff may be genuine in his anti-BCS bill but there is a side motive, because people in Utah will hail him as a hero for at least trying to break down the BCS. The voters will remember that in his upcoming elections.

Adam Rittenberg, Penn State coach Joe Paterno has been a long time advocate for expanding the Big 10to twelve teams from its currently eleven. The Big 10 tried to get Notre Dame in 1999, but that did not end well.

"Coach Paterno ... is as important a coach, leader, teacher as we've ever had in college sports," Delany said. "So what he says gets disproportionate weight, and properly so.

Whether it's in a coaches' meeting, a meeting of athletic directors or university presidents, his work and recommendation still means a lot.

Coach Paterno has a lot of experience in this area. He's played around with conference configurations. He knows it's not easy, and he knows what he says matters.

Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delany basically is treating the legendary coach like nothing and patting him on the head with compliments. Paterno's reasons are valid, because the Big 10 finishes the regular season the week before Thanksgiving.

While other leagues with a title game go two weeks further in the season, and get more exposure. So, why is this news for the Mountain West, because expansion to the Big 10 couldbring either expansion to the MWC or the Pac-10. Teams that are mentioned and ones that would make sense for Big 10 expansion are Missouri, Iowa State, Cincinatti, or even Pitt.

The trickle down effect could either cause the Pac-10 to add teams, most likely being Utah, BYU, Boise State, or Colorado. Since the two Big XII teams are involved TCU, Tulsa, or BYU could be considered to replace any vacant Big XII teams.

Finally, the Mountain West could then try to make their league as strong as others by adding Boise State, Tulsa, Houston, Fresno State, Hawai'i, Nevada, or UTEP. It could take one of the BCS leagues to start a domino effect in expansion to make it to the MWC teams.

Barry Tramel, Oklahoman:

If you really want to go to the BYU verse Oklahoma then name your price and then double it. Tickets for the first game at the new Texas Stadium is not cheap. Well at least not as much as the Texas A&M verse Arkansas game.

The ticket prices for OU-BYU are $50, $80, $100 and $150 (club seats). Ticket prices for the Oct. 3 Arkansas-A&M game at Arlington are $85, $125 and $475 (club seats, including a $175 donation).

Oklahoma was able to negotiate a pretty good deal in comparing the other game. Oh did we mention parking is $38, and those $50 seats are corner seats are the nosebleed seats. This stadium is amazing with a high-definition screen that stretches from 20 yard line to 20 yard line.

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