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Wyoming Looking to Sling the Ball Much More in 2009

In 2008 Wyoming completed only 71 passes to their wide receivers, because the Cowboys had inconsistencies at quarterback and their offense was more run oriented with Delvin Moore in the backfield.

This year that will change with new head coach Dave Christensen’s spread system has all the receivers excited. The goal set for each receiver is 40 receptions in the 2009 campaign.

Leading returning receiver Greg Bolling had only 26 catches which lead the team and had this to say on the new offense:

"Seventy-one catches in a season at some places where you run the spread offense is for one receiver."

This offense that Christenson brought over from Missouri will should provide the receivers will plenty of more chances to catch the ball. Look for the new offense to get at least 100 receptions to its wide receivers.

The offense will most likely take a year or two for it to really develop, but there will be significant improvements from last year. Look for a possibility of a jump similar to what Utah did when Urban Meyer came to town and revamped from former coach Ron McBride's run heavy offense to the spread.

The results most likely will not be the same, but the increased in output could be similar. The goal for each receiver by the coaches is 40 per receiver, pretty bold.

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