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TCU's Marcus Jackson back to Quarterback... For Now

During spring ball TCU's quarterback for the past few seasons was moved to safety to add depth to the new defense that the Horned Frogs would be running. The news is that Jackson is moving back to play quarterback for at least one week after their 10 day break.

"He'll definitely play quarterback at least one week. We've got to make sure that we have an older quarterback as a backup until those other guys develop and they've come a long way."

The initial decision to move Jackson to defensive back was puzzling, because the next experienced quarterback is two redshirt Freshman Yogi Gallegos and Kyle Wilson both has zero real game experienced. Also, current quarterback Andy Dalton has not exactly been the model of consistency at quarterback. Dalton missed two games last year and in 2007 he was pulled for inconsistent play in favor of Marcus Jackson.

Jackson, also is playing on special teams to add flexibility and depth to the overal team. There is no reason to doubt head coach Gary Patterson because he has a career record of 73-27 at TCU. A more dfinitive answer by spring, or fall camp will be decided if Jackson has moved away form quarterback and to safety and special teams.

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