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Mountain West Title Game Preview: Utah v. San Diego State

(23-8)(23-9) 4PM PT TV:

Another set of good games last night out in the desert in Vegas, as Utah and SDSU moved onto the final. San Diego State is showing they are a great team as they beat top seed BYU last night 64-62 and it boiled down to one thing: free throws. In the that first semi-final San Diego State shot 19-22 from the line while BYU went 15-23 which was the game. Lorenzo Wade lead the Aztecs with 24 points, but overall the team struggled and shot only 39 percent from the field and 3-14 from the three point line.

While Wade lead the way if there is not a second scorer San Diego State will have trouble this afternoon to defeat Utah. On the flip side the Aztecs held BYU to a similar shooting percentage in their win, plus they held down two of BYU's top scorers in that game.

Utah had an easier path in defeating Wyoming last night 68-55 this game was pretty much in Utah's hand with Wyoming occasionally getting within a few, but never threatened. Brandon Ewing from Wyoming was held in check with only 13 points to lead the team, and the whole Cowboy team was only 34 percent and made only one of ten three's.

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On offense for Utah Luke Nevil finally showed up with 23 points, 15 rebounds, and four blocks. That is quite an improvement over the dismal performance against TCU. The only other Ute in double figures was Carlon Brown with 13 points, but Utah spread the scoring around and passed well with 17 assists compared to only three for Wyoming.

The title game will be an interesting one later today because each team has 23 wins and they give up and score within four points of each other. This game should be close and there are key players on each side starting with Utah who is obviously Luke Nevil and in the two games against San Diego State is just at 15 per game, and foul trouble has been a problem with Nevil against San Diego State this year among other teams.

If Nevil can play 30 minutes Utah should win this game, because he gets to the line to and is one of the all time MWC leaders in blocks. Nevil is the key for Utah, but if he is slowed by anything then Utah will look toward outside shooters Shaun Green and Lawrence Borha.

San Diego State will have the best athlete on the floor in Lorrenzo Wade who scores 14 a game, and watching their past two games he has been amazing so far and can take over a game. The key for SDSU is to get a big lead, because the Utes have had trouble to come from behind in some games this year. Also, if they can stiffle Luke Nevil and lately that has been successful for teams that force Nevil to go baseline where he is vulnerable. Or they can get Nevil into foul trouble by forcing offensive fouls on Nevil.

This game will be exciting and should follow in line with the other games and be a close game, and San Diego State is looking real good. The Aztecs have more overall talent in my opinion, but Utah will have the most dominant player on the floor.

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