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Breaking Down the Odds of the Mountain West Tourney

A side note before the real info here, the Colorado State/Air Force will be shown on The Mtn. and in high definition at 2pm pacific time. Below will be the odds of each team to win the conference tournament overall.

The league has a chance to get four teams in, however a bubble spot was lost tonight with Butler who was ranked #17 in the nation and the number one seed lost in their conferece final and steals an at large bid away from somewhere. Also, the biggest game of the tournament is UNLV against San Diego State where the loser almost certainly will be going to the NIT and not the NCAA's.

24-6 BYU has been playing the best as of late, and have multiple players to help out in the scoring. 25.00%
21-9 Home court advantage is huge, but Wink Adams must show up. 19.00%
21-9 Utah floundered down the stretch losing 2 of 3, but they have the best inside player and a great chance to win. 18.00%
21-10 They struggle away from The Pit, but one win should get them an NCAA bid. 16.00%
21-8 They struggled against bad teams down the stretch, plus they have to play UNLV in game one. 14.00%
18-12 Wyoming is interesting they have four players who score in double figures and could be a huge spoiler this week 5.00%
14-16 TCU looked early on to be a surprise contender, but the season wore on them and they will have a tough time against Utah. 2.00%
9-21 The Rams did play BYU tough in the regular season, but they do not have the players to win four straight games. 1.00%
9-20 The Falcons have not won a game all year in conference play what do you expect. 0.00%

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