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Mountain West pushing to gain BCS Entry

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The USA Today is reporting that Mountain West Conference commissioner Craig Thompson wants to at least "put on the table" the idea that the Mountain West deserves and automatic bid to the BCS.

"The argument I will hear back (from the BCS) is, 'Craig, here it is. It's done. It's been agreed to. It's signed,' " Thompson says.

Very true Craig, we all know the earliest this will change -if at all- is the 2012 season when the four year cycle that evaluates who gets an automatic bid to the BCS. The rules are lose using final top 25 BCS rankings and the number of wins each team has. This past year in the final BCS rankings only the Big XII had more teams ranked in the top 16 then the Mountain West, pluse the league had more teams in that range then the Pac-10, Big East, and ACC.

A good point made by ESPN's non-BCS blogger, Graham Watson

The Mountain West has taken a huge lead in this race, and if history is any indication, it won't be relinquishing that lead any time soon. The Mountain West has had at least one team with double-digit wins in every season except 1999, the first year of the conference. And since 2006, the conference has boasted at least three teams with nine or more wins each season.

The league will need to try to keep this going and with the next three years they need, in my opinion, go to two of the next three BCS games and win at least one. The league also needs multiple teams to get to 10 wins, win those big non-conference games agaisnt BCS teams, and the bottom teams need to step it up and try to win more games.

This is the perfect time to discuss this, even though nothing will happen for the upcoming season but to get it in the midn and having Comissioner Thompson meeting in April to put the topic on the table about the MWC trying to gain an auto bid. The rules do say that there can be five to seven automatic bids for the BCS bowls, and with five major bowls moving to seven auto bids would still give three at-large berths.

We will wait until April to see what the meeting between Thompson and the BCS powers if any change will take place.

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