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Breaking News: Aaron Roderick Back to Utes

Reported about half an hour ago from sports radio 1280 The Zone in Salt Lake, Aaron Roderick is returning to Utah as the wide receivers coach. Very odd for him to do this, but the order of events that took place were that on January 15th rumors were about Roderick leaving Utah to Washington to be the wide outs coach. Then on January 16th the announcement was made that Dave Schramm and Roderick would share the offensive coordinator duties, and then on the 18th the news broke that Roderick would leave Utah to Washington.

Then today it was announced that Roderick was back, The Salt Lake Tribune's Lya Wodraska spoke to Roderick earlier and Roderick said that he felt like his heart was still with the University of Utah.

Part of the reason was that his wife was a coach of the women's soccer team at Utah, and he felt he was giving up too much to move out to Seattle. Roderick was going to be paid $200,000 at Washington, where he was going to coach with his friend Steve Sarkisian, a big increase from the $92,000 he made with the Utes.

It looks like pay was not a factor just as he said all along, this does put Roderick behind in the pecking order to be coordinator at Utah because of his decision to leave. This should be good news for Utah fans who now have one less coach to replace.

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