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2008 Mountain West Football Year in Review: Wyoming Cowboys

Wyoming never was able to get a good streak of games going as Wyoming finished 8th in the league and finished 4-8. The Pokes problem was their quarterback, because they had the quarterback shuffle with three getting playing time. The team started with acclaimed juco transfer Dax Crum, Karsten Sween, and then Chris Stutzriem. Stutzriem ended up playing the best all year, but that could be that now former coach Joe Glenn was not shuffling around quarterbacks once Stutzriem was the starter.

Looking to next year, real quick, there will be an open quarterback competition now that Dave Christenson came over from Missouri as their offensive coordinator. Next year could be interesting for the Pokes, but back to 2008 Wyoming had a defense that was solid as usual but when they get no rest from. The Wyoming offense had too many three and out ao many times it makes it tough to play good defense for the entire game.

Their best weapon on offense was one that was not used with the team behind so often. That player was Devin Moore who had 1,301 yards and seven scores. If Wyoming had any type of passing game this team could have been pretty good, but that is said nearly every year for Wyoming.

Joe Glenn was fired after another disappointing season with the Cowboys and leaves after taking the team to one bowl game in his tenure. As for my picks of Wyoming in the preseason was at 5-8, so not too far off.

Lock it up… North Dakota State, San Diego State

50/50… Ohio, Air Force, Bowling Green, @ New Mexico, Utah, San Diego State, Colorado State.

No Chance… @BYU, @TCU, @Tennessee

Projected Record: 5-7

Up next is New Mexico, so check back soon for their year in review.

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