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Utah must now replace the Water Boy

With great success from non-BCS schools comes the hard facts that other programs come in and lure away the coaching staff. So far, the Utes have lost a total of four members of the coaching staff. This includes Andy Ludwig who took his same position, offensive coordinator, to Kansas State along with the Utes offensive line coach Charlie Dickey to the same position.

No doubtingly the two will get a hefty pay raise, because Kansas State is in the Big XII and even though the team is not great they still get that BCS money. Then there is Gary Andersen who moved up the road to Logan, Utah to become Utah State's head coach. While at Utah Andersen was the Utes defensive coordinator, and a great recruiter for the Utah area.

Then Andy Roderick who was the Utes wide receivers coach and a great recruiter was given the job as co-offensive coordinator along with running backs coach Dave Schramm. Then the next day Roderick decided to take the wide receivers position at Washington with former BYU team mate Steve Sarksian who is now the head coach. Here is an interview with Andy Roderick taken in Salt Lake the Monday after the decision.

The Utes have had success promoting within which started back when Kyle Whittingham was the defensive coordinator and then took over for Urban Meyer. Questions do arise from Kyle Whittingham who is a no-nonsense guy and does not go around sucking up to other coaches. That could lead to a problem, because Whittingham will not smooze and could lose out on a great talent. The new coordinators Kaloni Sataka is a young first time defensive coordinator, and then Schramm who has been around a while but he is also a first time coordinator.

This process has worked for Utah, but with the league adding quality experienced coaches from outside might catch up with the Utes.

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