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Is the BCS breaking any Anti-Trust Laws?

This all started when Utah Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff, said he would be suing the BCS just a few days after the Utes defeanted Alabama 31-17 in the Sugar Bowl.


This is just ridiculous to sue the BCS over anti-trust laws. Yes, the last time government poked its head into the BCS they created easier access with a fifth BCS bowl and loosening the ranking restrictions from being 6th to 12th for a non BCS team to get access.

In a response by ACC Commissioner and current BCS coordinator, John Swofford said the BCS has carefully considered the legality of its format.

"We've attempted to make every effort to make certain that any structure of the BCS is within the antitrust laws. Our legal people are comfortable that the BCS structure is," Swofford said during a Football Writers Association of America meeting. "Obviously if there are any aspects of it that we should be doing differently, we would adjust that."

"The BCS provided a platform for Utah to show the nation what a terrific football team they had this year." Swofford said. "Preceding the BCS, I don't know if that platform would have been there."

The second quote while has nothing to do with any anti-trust laws, but is basically a pat on the head and a slap on the back for Utah. Geez thanks guys for being forced to allow us little schools an opportunity we would not have because you wanted to line your pockets with gold.

If anybody watches NBC 30 Rock, the last episode had Tracy Morgan's character wearing gold shoes and having shirts made out of 100 dollar bills, and I wish I could find photos of that to show you all, but that is what the BCS is doing taking all the money.

Nice backhannded compliment Swofford, but quite trying to defend something that can not be defended. The only argument that is valid with antitrust is how the money is distributed, because when a team from one of the six automatic qualifiers gets in the money is split between that league with the team going getting the bulk of the money. However, when a non-BCS team makes it the BCS the payout is different, because they not only split the money within the league but they split it with the rest of the non-BCS teams.

The league that does get in will get the majority of the money, but for example when USC made the BCS this year they get about 9 million from the game when Utah gets around three to five million since the Utes spread the bowl money to all non-BCS leagues.

That part of the BCS which is very unfair, because it still gives the BCS schools just another advantage to tack on to the many they all ready have. Every school that is part of the BCS does get money, but when a non-BCS team the money gets spread to all of those other schools. The current system is tough for non-BCS schools to get a piece of the pie, but why when one of those schools get in they do not get the same amount of money that the supposed better leagues get.

The money that is paid out should be the same no matter what league gets in, because it seems fair which is ironic since the BCS is not fair.

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