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It's Official: BYU to play Oklahoma in 2009

In an announcement from BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe announced that the Cougars will face Oklahoma, Florida State, Tulane and Utah State next season in their football non-conference schedule.

This is a huge non conference schedule is very tough with current number one Oklahoma, Florida State who is back in the top 25, and then the other two games while not difficult give the Cougars a balanced schedule.

The Oklahoma game will be on Labor Day weekend and then the Cougars go back home to face FSU in their first ever visit to Provo, then travel back down to face Tulane in New Orleans.

This schedule is very competitive to the big boys in college football and BYU would be facing six bowl teams and four top 25 ranked opponents from the 2008 season.

That Oklahoma game is going to be huge for the success of the season and if they are able to pull that off then BYU would immediately be the next BCS buster and give more credit to how good the Mountain West is.

If they are to lose, which is a real possibility, their season could spiral into disaster because they could then start off 0-2 and have a four game losing streak. A lot depends on the draft for Oklahoma and BYU, most notably is Heisman winner quarterback Sam Bradford and talented wide receiver Austin Collie from BYU.

This Oklahoma game is continuing the tradition of Mountain West schools in scheduling tough opponents, and maybe one day their undefeated schedule will allow them to make it to the BCS title game.

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