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The Reason Utah is not in the BCS title game: Harris Voters admit to not watching Utah

In a great insightful article by Yahoo's Dan Wetzel that had quotes from multiple Harris Poll voters who admitted to not seeing any or very little at all of Utah's games this year. Let me remid the readers that the Harris poll makes up one third of the BCS which pits the number one versus number two teams for the mythical national champion for college football. The AP pulled out because they did not want to make the news, and they were replaced by many former coaches, athletes, and others to vote. The Harris poll had a diverse group from across the country but that did not stop voters from watching games.

Just ask some of the voters in the Harris Interactive Poll, which helps determine the title-game matchup.

"I did not see them play [in the regular season]," Bobby Aillet said.

"I didn’t see any live games," Lance McIlhenny said. "I just [saw] highlights."

"I don’t recall if I saw them play specifically during the regular season," David Housel said. "I don’t remember a specific game."

All I can say is WOW! Another excuse was that the Utah games are difficult to find with being on Versus, CBS College Sports and the league owned Mountain West network. In years past the Mtn. was only available in the great Mountain West region, but this year the league owned channel is available on DirecTv. The argument that the games are hard to find is some what valid, but the Pac-10 has a crummy tv deal where one would need the same package to see all the games that are on the Fox Sports Net regional channel.

Yes, the Pac-10 has some games on ESPN and ABC, but Versus is in as many households as ESPN and CBS College is widely available. These voters do not need to watch every game of every league, but one would think that they would watch something especially with Utah who was undefeated and finished their regular season the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Another great quote from this article is Wetzel's comment, 'Whether Utah deserved to be ranked No. 1, 2 or 25 isn’t the point of this argument. The Utes deserved to have voters at least see them.'

The worst offender is broadcaster Don Criqui, didn’t even bother to cast a final ballot. That vote should be taken away for not caring about this process, but why would he care if the title is not really decided. Utah has the disadvantages of playing in a league that is 10 years old, and does not have the history of the team they just embarassed on national televison. If the same players donned the unis of a Michigan, Penn State, Notre Dame, or any university with history they would have been in the title game no questions.

Utah may not be as good as Florida, Oklahoma, or USC but they are in the same class as those schools this year and in the past decade. If history does matter then schools should do their research and know that Utah has been to six consecutive bowls and won them all, and currently have the longest bowl win streak at eight. The Utes are the only school in the BCS era to finish undefeated twice. Is that enough history for you?

Also, I am posting a link to ESPN's video where former Ute Jamal Anderson debates Skip Bayless who is a complete idiot! Watch the video and he comes off like an idiot. Bayless big argument that Alabama was defleated for not making the title game and that the loss of Andre Smith. Those arguments are weak, because just after Bayless says those he follows straight in line by saying that the Utes right end, 0r better known as Paul Kruger, ran wild. So, what does that say about the Alabama back ups, yes having Andre Smith not in the game hurt but he does not play defense and does not throw the balls.

Bayless came out like the typical east coast homer, by saying history does not count but history and tradition is what gave Alabama the benefit of the doubt of being number one, and it gives USC some credit for getting a share of the title. The same USC team that go handled by Oregon State who was defeated by Utah.

Just go watch the video, it is priceless.

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