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Kyle Whittingham gets a 5 year contract

Utah Coach Kyle Whittingham has agreed to a new 5 year contract which will pay him approximately $1.2 million per year. This salary is quite a bump and the specifics are sparse at this time, and there is not information on whether this is his base or with incentives. Most often the number reported is the base, which is most likely.

It is hard to believe that last year after that UNLV loss a lot of people wanted Whittingham out of Utah, partly because of the quick success former Utah coach Urban Meyer had in his two short season.

People tend to forget that Whittingham has won three straight bow games and now is 12-0 going to the Sugar Bowl, and below is his record.

Year W-L Pct.

2005 7-5 .583

2006 8-5 .615

2007 9-4 .692

2008 12-0 1.000

Total 36-14 .720

Of course there were games that Utah should have won and did not, with the most notable the 2006 New Mexico debacle where Utah was leading big at half and blew the game, or in 2005 with Utah playing Colorado State and had four chances at the one to win the game and they were unable to do so.

Utah now has one of the best coaches in the country and this deal should keep him around for a while, and next season should provide a huge test with a new quarterback and replacing the offensive and defensive coordinator.

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