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Should I be smiling that Andy Ludwing left Utah?

In shocking news on Wednesday Utah offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig is leaving Utah to take the same position at Kansas State, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. This is a shocking development somewhat, becasue Ludwig has had some success the team did average nearly 40 points per game this year and the school has won four straight bowl game wins in his tenure.

I think Ludwig out thought himself or the other coach when calling the plays, such as the fumble-ruski against TCU this year.

There were times when he was stale and would not adjust the offense when either Brett Ratliff or Tommy Grady played. The only real beef with Ludwig is that he brought in Grady, who was at Oklahoma and transfered because of playing time.

Grady was the worst fit for the Utes, he was a drop back passer with very little if any mobility. In my opinion Ludwig went after Grady because he was at Oklahoma and thought he would be fine for Utah.

The decision for Ludwig to leave stems from not being appreciated from most fans who despised him, or that after last season he was the only coach on the Utah staff to not receive a pay raise.

There is no doubt that the move to Kansas State to take the same position will result in a pay raise, and potentially a better head coaching job if he is able to help put Kansas State back near the top of the Big XII.

He most likely will have the same success at Oregon and Utah where he will be fairly successful but inconsistent and frustrating to understand his play calling.

Ludwig will stay on to coach in the Sugar Bowl which is a plus, because keeping the same coaches in place will keep the team in the same groove they have been in all season.

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