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Mike Locksley's Payday

The new head man at the University of New Mexico, Mike Locksley, was introduced and had his press conference yesterday. His contract is quite surprising which is a six-year contract worth $750,000 annually. That amount is huge if it is just his base, because most coaches in the league make almost that amount with incentives.

"Locks is the whole package," Illini coach Ron Zook said. "He can coach, he can recruit and he can motivate his players. He did a tremendous job with our offense here and will be missed."

"We're not going to take a back seat to anybody in the Mountain West," Lockeley said. "We're not going to take a back seat to anybody in the nation."

This choice is very good for New Mexico and the league because of his offensive success at Illinois and he turned around that program to a Rose Bowl visit in two years to go along with a dynamic offense.

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