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Championship Saturday

The two big championship games with the Big XII and SEC have direct implications of where Utah plays their BCS game. Big XII game is Missouir against Oklahoma and the Sooners are a huge favorite and if they win will go to the BCS title game, which would give the Fiesta Bowl first pick since they lost the Big XII who goes to that Bowl.

That means Texas would go to the Fiesta Bowl and then then the next pick in the BCS order goes to the bowl who lost their pick and most likely that would be the loser of the SEC title game between Florida and Alabama. Then Fiesta gets the third pick and by most accounts it is between Ohio State, Utah, and yes Cincinnati but really the first two schools.

The Fiesta has all ready hosted two schools who do not come from automatic bid conferences, Utah in 2004 and Boise State in 2006, and may want a bigger draw for television. Ohio State has been to the Fiesta Bowl or in that venue for the title game in 2003, 2004, 2006, and 2007 but the Fiesta has no problem bringing back because the tv eye balls are greater for an Ohio State verse Texas matchup.

Utah could go there because the Utes drew big in 2004, but the Fiesta may feel that they have done their duty by all ready hosting the two non-BCS schools. Ohio State is not the most qualified team, in my opinion, TCU or Boise State are more deserving because TCU lost to Oklahoma and Utah who are currently second and sixth in the BCS, and Boise is undefeated. The BCS is not fair that is why Ohio State will be in a BCS game unless Missouri wins the Big XII title game.

In the SEC title game the winner should make the title game, there is talk that Florida, who has low computer rankings may not jump Texas in the computer polls, which could have a rmatch of Texas and Oklahoma in the title game. That is unlikely but possible, but when the Sugar Bowl picks who will take the loser of the SEC title game as their at large and will want the loser to keep the SEC tradition in their bowl.

It looks as if Utah will face the SEC loser in the Sugar Bowl. Later today or early tomorrow I will have the final bowl projections for the MWC.

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