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Mike Martz to San Diego State?

Well it looks that there is at least some interest in Martz heading to the college ranks. The San Diego Union Tribune has said

But because SDSU is demanding its search be conducted in secrecy, such nonanswers only have added to the increasing buzz that both are at least persons of interest for the Aztecs to replace Chuck Long. Sources have indicated they are.

The other choice is former Minnesota head coach Glen Mason, and since the Aztecs want to keep their search secret hearing any names points to their interest. Martz would most likely take a steep pay cut to coach a team that does not even have a home stadium to play in. However Martz would have a very good quarterback to work with in Ryan Lindley.

Mason has been a program reviver everywhere he has gone, and has won coach of the year in every conference where he has been a head coach at. Mason has ties to SDSU by knowing Athletic Director Jeff Schemmel.

Martz would be a flashy hire, but Mason could be the better choice with his proven track record on the college level.