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Gary Andersen is Utah State's number one choice, SDSU hires firm to help in search

The Deseret News is reporting that negotiations have begun to hammer out details of a contract offer with the current Utah defensive coordinator. This by no means that Andersen is gone, because the Aggies are merely putting together an offer to Andersen. At, the University of Utah they will be looking to upgrade his current contract if Andersen is offered any job, even beyond the Utah State coaching job.

Andersen has also been contacted by fellow Mountain West schools, San Diego State and New Mexico.

Speaking of San Diego State they have hired Parker Executive Search of Atlanta to assist its hunt for a new head football coach.

SDSU officials have not responded to requests for the name and fee of the search firm they are using. But sources said it's Parker, whose fee for coaching searches in the past have ranged from $50,000 to $90,000.

Former San Diego State star Marshall Faulk also has been retained by the school to assist in the search.