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Another one bites the dust

There are currently three open coaching positions in the Mountain West, earlier today Chuck Long was fired and now Joe Glenn from Wyoming is out. This goes along with Rocky Long of New Mexico stepping down last week.

At Wyoming, Glenn was 30-41 with a Las Vegas Bowl victory over UCLA in 2004 and he had one other year where the Cowboys won six games, but were not invited.

The eEarly names for Glenn's replacement include former Michigan State coach John L. Smith and Missouri offensive coordinator Dave Christensen. Also, do not count out Utah's defensive coordinator Gary Anderson to be included in the mix.

One more not on Sad Diego State's Chuck Long is that finances were low for the school, and while the school was raising money the past few weeks. The choice became easier when Utah defeated BYU which will send the Utes to a BCS bowl and each league school will get approximately $650,000. Just a thougth but very realistic since San Diego State draws poorly and makes little or no money in athletics.

Not to sound disrespectful but this coaching search will help spice up this site during the football offseason.