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Rocky Long to Utah, Dennis Pitta out?

An interesting write up at Block U about the Rocky Long who just stepped down as the New Mexico head coach, and if he would become the new defensive coordinator at Utah. This is of course current Utah defensive coordinator Gary Anderson gets a head coaching job. Speculation is that Wyoming, Utah State, and possibly New Mexico are interested in Anderson as their new head coach.

Utah State tried to lure Anderson before they eventually chose Brent Guy who was let go last week, but since Guy was a defensive minded coach so look for the Aggies to possibly look for an offensive coach.

This is all speculation but a possibility because, Long's father went to BYU to play football and Long lived in Utah for some time. Long does run a different defense with the 4-2-5 scheme, but he has had success at New Mexico.

There also is rumor that Rocky Long turned down the BYU defensive coordinator job, but that is just a rumor.

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The Dennis Pitta news comes from ESPN blogger Graham Watson who talks about Pitta who strained his MCL late in the Air Force game last weekend.

"Dennis is one of the biggest weapons that we have on our offense, if not the biggest, and hypothetically speaking, if he were not to play, it would be more weight on my shoulders, on Harvey's [Unga] shoulders, on Andrew George's shoulders, on Michael Reed's shoulders, on Max's [Hall] shoulders, Collie said. "I mean, Dennis is huge in our offense. He's one of the guys who makes it run. Without him, it would drop a lot of pressure, a lot of responsibility, on some of the other guys, including myself."

Thursday is the earliest that BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall would say if Pitta would play is Thursday. This is huge if Pitta is unable to play, because Pitta is the teams second leading receiver behind Austin Collie and has came up big in the UNLV and Colorado State games.